Aba: Cameroon Barracks Police Station, Your Height Of Injustice, Intimidation & Human Right Abuse Is Alarming


When a lion escapes from the zoo, residents around the city becomes afraid!

That is the same situation the residents around Cameroon Barracks Police Station, in Aba South find their selves in.

Reports about their heinous acts has been coming in to Abacityblog but we wanted to confirm it before making it public, we can’t keep quite why we (Abacityblog) answered the voice of the city. 
The facts are that everyone living around Aba South, mostly the youths are living in fear of being illegally arrested by the said Police officers, because they will arrest you for no reason, molest you and ask you to pay for the bailout or risk being taken to the station. But what are the crimes do your suspects commits?
No offence…..! And you don’t have any reason, next thing you will label the person thief and beat him/her up, also mandate the person to pay for bailout fee. Why? I mean, how long do we have to continue living in fear because we have people they call our security, our friend and our protector.
Recently, Abacityblog reader was one of the victim you guys arrested, just because he is coming back from a friend’s place around 9:PM. He was arrested and asked to pay N5,000 for a bailout while inside the bus which you people were driving around, he rejected and he was molested and threatened, because of this, your heinous has being called up, and we urged the government to take adequate action about this.

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But, the question is, Isn’t the Aba Police Public Relation Officer know about this, The Officers you sent out on a duty, do you know that they are now the lion that is on loose while the residents are on the run?

This is getting out of hand, you arrests someone for no reason, threaten the person, and ask him/her to pay for the bailout or risk being taken to the station.
A victim of your illegal arrest wrote on his social media handle, he said; Cameroon barracks police station, ndiegoro police station Aba South Abia state, is the most corrupt station in the country, the height of human right abuse , intimidation being meted out to the ignorant Aba residents is alarming, illegal arrest and detention all in a bid to extort money from Aba residents, not to talk of idiots popularly called catcham who are not policemen they use as to arrest and perpetrate these heinous crimes , their self created extortion points is alarming, they popularly coerce some bus drivers into following and using their buses to go about in the evening to make illegal arrest and demand their preys they arrested to bail them selves inside the buses or risk taken to the police station , their crimes are so uncountable, the public and well meaning Abians must know this and the Inspector General of Police must be drawn to this.
This is unacceptable.


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