Greatest Mistake Nnamdi Kanu Made & How We Can Get Biafra In One Week – Ojukwu’s son

DEBE, Ojikwu’s First Son

Ikemba of Nnewi, Dim Chukuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu’s first son, DEBE has opens up on the Biafra struggle, the crises in the family over the estate Ojukwu left behind, Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB leadership, among many other topical issues.

In this interview granted by Daily Sun, DEBE, first son of the late Biafran secessionist leader Ojukwu, stated what should be done to have Biafra in one week and the grave mistake Nnamdi Kanu made.


Why did the president not react to the carnage in Enugu state the same way he has always reacted to those agitating for Biafra?

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The most important thing is to first identify the people. There are various ways of committing crime, and the intelligence of these criminals var­ies from one person to another. You can say that the intelligence of the herdsmen and the collusion with the security agents are more sophisticated than that of the Biafra agitators. There are many Biafra agita­tors of which I am one. I am one, but I subscribe to the legal and diplomatic agitation; not the violent agitation.

Not the IPOB agitation?

IPOB? We own IPOB . IPOB belongs to us. We formed IPOB. IPOB is not a group. IPOB means Indigenous People of Biafra, of which every Biaf­ran is a member. So it is wrong for one person to arrogate to himself who is IPOB, and who is not. What happened was that most of them were mis­informed. If you are agitating, you don’t block the roads. You must give unimpeded access for free flow of the economy. It is when you start stalling the economy that you incur the wrath of the security agencies. The law of riots and unlawful assembly is very elastic.

It gives very wide powers to peace of­ficers. And by peace officers, we have magistrates, police officers and military officers of the rank of 2nd lieutenants, and ASP (Assistant Superintendent of Police) upwards. It says when you perceive that an assembly is likely to be riotous, you read the proclamation. When he has made the proclamation, he gives them 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes, they can use tear gas first, and after that, if it persists, they can use arms. That is why we are suing for referen­dum, because we want to know those people that are interested to

But your leader has been in detention for several months? 

Nnamdi Kanu is not our leader. It is a miscon­ception.

 Who is your leader? 

 The leader of IPOB is Chief Justice Eze Ozobu, the former chief judge of Enugu State. The next in command to him is Dr Dozie Ikedife. Then we have Col Achuzia. We have many people involved in that. It was that body that set up Radio Biafra. Radio Biafra is part and parcel of what we are do­ing. 

But Nnamdi Kanu is a director of radio Biafra? 

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 Yes he is, but not the head of IPOB. The thing is that media has its potency. And because of his vis­ibility; people were talking to him and he was talk­ing to them. That was why he became very popular. And he used that to assume leadership.

But the Publicity Secretary of IPOB, Emma Powerful and other officials always address him as their leader?

He is not the Publicity Secretary. All those people were just given positions to make them relevant. The main IPOB under Eze Ozobu has a media de­partment. They were just on the verge of creating those positions. They were very careful in creating those bodies because they were wary of this kind of thing. It is exactly those fears that have finally manifested.

Is IPOB factionalized?

 You can say IPOB is factionalized. MASSOB is also part of IPOB. IPOB is for everybody that sub­scribes to the idea of Biafra. That does not mean we don’t have that leadership role.

So what are you doing to secure Kanu’s release from detention?

He came to Nigeria. He was very insulting on air to the Nigerian people. If he had submitted himself to the elders, the elders would have advised caution.

Is it because he strayed that the elders are not helping to secure his release?

The issue is whether he has committed an of­fence. And the government is insisting he has com­mitted an offence. So you cannot go and tell the government, ok you must release him because he is our son. What we should be asking for is speedy and proper trial. After the trial, if it is proven that he committed an offence; well, there is nothing we can do. He could have stayed in England to lambast the administration, and nothing will happen to him. He didn’t take the advice of the elders.


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    Our elders especially Dozie Ikedife remains irresponsible to the life and wellbeing of our youths, we can't fold our arms why they're maidling with the zoo parts and participles collecting money from the zoo government and elements, selling our birthright to strangers who turn around and kill us as well. So, NNAMDI KANU REMAINS THE LEADER OF IPOB THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA AND DIRECTOR OF RADIO BIAFRA.

  2. This is exactly what is killing we igbos. See how Debe just sold out his brother, tell me how we will succeed with people like this. Rubbish.

  3. This Debt, so called son of Odumegwu Ojukwu, Chukwuabiama save his soul,is a nobody! Any son who works against his father's estate is ofcourse a vagabond! Any person born of a Biafran who does not stand behind Nnamdi Kanu at this time is a saboteur and anti-Biafra. Such is a sellout and is benefiting from the blood of armless Biafrans being spilled by the blood-thirst hausa-fulani bent on islamizing the present geographical expression called Nigeria.
    Shame to Debe and his fellow kinsman called Dozie Ikedife, both are living contrary to what their names stand for!

  4. Debe is not a true son of Ikemba one of Nnewi, Dim Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu. Debe is a very foolish and selfish bastard. He should not claim to be a son of a lion like Ikemba one, as he is working against his Biafrans. He is a brainless idiot.

  5. Are you sure debe is the real blood of Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu. I doubt it because he does not sound like Ojukwu. Ojukwu so much loves his people and can never betray or abandon them in the face of challenges. Although, this type like debe is every where and has been the life of some Anambra people, who can sell his brother at the cost of 1kobo. They did it during the time of DIM CHUKWUEMEKA OJUKWU and it is not new to the Biafrans and will never draw this struggle towards restoration of Biafra back to square one. Any role you play against this struggle will back fire.Quote me anytime.It is unfortunate this man, who claimed to be Ojukwu's son is behaving this way. Even When Britain was agitating to leave EU, some elements among them were seriously opposing it, but at the end what happens? debe, you and your cohorts answer me now. Betrayal close your mouth in shame and watch the light that is coming to remove every darkness among us.

  6. The Boko Haramites killed, maimed and raped; yet the Northerners asked for amnesty for them. Nnamdi Kanu only used his freedom of speech to protest against zooNigeria, and this bastard is condemning his own brother. SHAME ON YOU DEDE, ETERNAL SHAME, EFULEFU!!!

  7. This man is not real son of ojukwu, as far as I know he is not his first son.tha is reason he is not in good times with other ojukwu children, they refuse to recognize him as there brother up til date. So Mr man you are not full son of the soil.

  8. I now understand the mindset of an average Igboman. How could you cast doubt of the paternity of Ikembas' Son simply because he spoke the truth and against senseless Violence.
    Debe, clearly understood the mistakes his Father made. As a wiseman, he is determined not to repeat them. Why fight senselessly and loose. When you can agitate lawfully and win ? Dede speak "BIAFRA"_just as Ikemba and Kanu. But where they differ is in the use of bloodshed. Methodology is the key here. So please stop raining curses on onevof your own , and think together for once.
    I have said it time and time again. Igbo can get Biafra if they :
    1. Recall all their Senators, deputy Senate pres. House of rep and Governors to speak Biafra
    2. Conduct a survey on igbo people, to accertain who truely stand for Biafra.
    3. Invest in Igboland, not buying almost every piece of land in other part of the country, and yet, claim Biafra… That's hypocrisy
    4. Ibgo should for once, have a Leader, a single mouthpiece. Not bunch of Mazis !
    5. Show love to other part of the Country, so that you can attract allies and sympathy from outside Igboland. Note : Hatred begets Hatred.
    I rest my case.

    • I think you are mad �� and stupid. How can a fool advice the Igbos .we don't need your advice Debe is under a course place by his father so he is not important on the issue of Biafra. Nnamdi we know and he is our great leader

  9. When you watch him you can see that his counting year now. What did you expect from him, when was him when herdsmen visited Enugu, i wished they visited his house, he will not be west time to come out and stand as his father did. we're looking for thru son of our grandfather, father Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu, Chukwuabiama please come and save our soul….angent of zooooooooooo's


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